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Our services in the automation technology range from analysis and optimization of existing controlling and regulating applications, "retrofitting" and migration of existing systems to project planning and execution of new plants.We develop for you sophisticated SPS programs and controlling applications or support you in your programming activities.

The programming projects are carried out in AWL, FUP, SCL, structured text or IEC61131 according to defined structures or as per customer specifications.

For standard applications, we can fall back on our internal libraries comprising well-tested functions; this allows rapid and secure implementation of a project, because long-drawn test phases will not be required.

Our years of experience in the entire range of Siemens-Simatic product line from the S7-200, S7-1200, S7-300, S7-1500 to S7-400' series enables us, if necessary, fast and effective troubleshooting service whenever the installations require servicing. Thus, down-times can be minimized and the production can be resumed at the earliest.

We also offer competent service for the model range of the Simatic S5 line of products. So as to prevent loss of production, or so as to intervene at the earliest in times of failures,we conduct, on request, preventive analyses for your installations, for example, a profibus analysis, in order to localize and eliminate possible weak points in your Bus systems, before a breakdown can occur.

Or an inspection, checks and appraisal of the status of your systems, their parameters, SPS programs and so on.

An inspection of your installations will enable us to ascertain the spare part requirements of your automation systems, which will enable you to store the right type of spares in adequate numbers in the event of a failure.

Flexibility, reliability and protection of your production strategies, including your technological know-how are just as important for us as they are to you.