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HMI and Process Control Technology

KSL Automation offers an efficient visualization of your processes andproduction installations, ranging from visualization of small plant equipment using HMI devices such as a Siemens KTP Panel in combination with an S7-1200 to redundant process control system with the Client-Server networking.

While developing visualization solutions, we closely cooperate with the subsequent users so as to evolve a solution that is especially tailored to their requirements.

For creating major process control systems or migration of existing process control systems, KSL Automation can make use of a application developed specifically for that purpose by which the plant structure can be mapped, and variables and message texts can be automatically processed. For example, this software tool reads existing configuration files, assigns the data to the correct resources and sections of the plant and generates finished variables, reports and trend files which can be directly imported into, for example, WinCC.

For long-term archiving and for reporting, we rely on our own database applications or on products like Acron.